Alcoholics Anonymous Online Group
The only requirement for membership in Alcoholics Anonymous is a desire to stop drinking.

Twelve Tips on Keeping Your Holiday Season Sober and Joyous, PDF version. Feel free to print out a copy and post it at your local meeting or clubhouse.

The December 2018 Issue of the AA Grapevine Magazine is Here! This month’s special section is “Staying Sober During the Holidays” about how members do service and stay away from that first drink. Also features AA Remote Community stories. AA Grapevine is the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous. Copyright © The AA Grapevine, Inc. December 2018.


Hello friends, we are the Alcoholics Anonymous Online Group, nice to meet you.

AA Meetings online using an Internet forum meeting format (DF).

OPEN to the public. Phone: (904) 556-0637.

READ A DAILY REFLECTION, free of charge, online. This is a book of reflections by A.A. members for A.A. members.

READ THE GRAPEVINE DAILY QUOTE, free of charge, online.

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