AA Concepts

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The only requirement for membership in Alcoholics Anonymous is a desire to stop drinking.

AA Concepts

The Twelve Concepts (Short Form) – the Big Book online, page 574 and 575, PDF version.

The A.A. Service Manual Combined With Twelve Concepts for World Service, PDF. by Bill W. 2016-2018 Edition Reflecting Actions of the 2016 General Service Conference. Both in a single booklet. The manual opens with a history of A.A. services; explains the Conference structure and its year-round importance; includes the Conference Charter and General Service Board Bylaws. The Concepts – principles of service that have emerged from A.A.’s service accomplishments and mistakes since its beginning – are set forth by Bill W.

Concepts Checklist, PDF. – A service piece for home groups, districts, areas.

The Twelve Concepts For World Service (Short Form), PDF.

The Twelve Concepts Illustrated, PDF. Brief, easy-to-read text and clever illustrations make the Twelve Concepts for World Service clear and understandable.

AA’s Three Legacies…

1. Recovery:  AA Steps

2. Unity: AA Traditions

3. Service: AA Concepts

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