Attendance Proof

READ Information on Alcoholics Anonymous PDF version – For Anyone New Coming to A.A., For Anyone Referring People to A.A.

A.A. Preamble PDF version – Service Material from the General Service Office. Copyright © The AA Grapevine, Inc. Reprinted with permission.

Check with your probation officer or caseworker first, to make sure that attendance and our attendance proof at our Alcoholics Anonymous Online Group OPEN Beginner’s / Newcomer’s AA Meeting online will satisfy court-ordered requirements in your jurisdiction.

Confirmation is for attending one AA meeting online.

Attendance Proof is not counted as a week at a time.

If you would like your meeting attendance to count toward a court-ordered requirement, or for any other reason, we can provide free of charge attendance proof of your participation here at our website in our AA online group open beginners Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Online ONLY.

Send one email request for each one of our online AA Meetings attended. Email all of the information below to

Subject Line: Attendance Proof

Your email address  
Your name (first and last initial is fine)
Your username on the Alcoholics Anonymous Online Group website ONLY
Date and time of our AA meeting online you attended
*Name of our AA meeting chair (scroll
down this page to the Easter Bunny).
**Topic of our AA meeting online

You must actively participate in our AA meeting online (Post Your Thoughts).

It is not enough to simply be present.

We will do our best to return an attendance proof request within 24 HOURS. Not 24 minutes. Please understand our AA Group volunteer trusted servants are working as fast as we can under these circumstances. We thank you for your patience. Apology offered for any inconvenience caused by our slow response time.

TRUE CONFESSION Because of our workload our reply is likely to be delayed. Please forgive us.

The referred person is responsible for returning the attendance proof.

This attendance proof at meetings is not part of A.A.’s procedure.

Each group is autonomous and has the right to choose whether or not to sign court slips.

In some areas the attendees report on themselves, at the request of the referring agency, and thus alleviate breaking A.A. members anonymity.

Questions? Send email to: Contact Us.

If at our AA home group, you do not find us, please leave a message that will remind us. Providing a correct, current telephone number with area code is essential if you desire a response to your questions. The use of given names and/or screen names is acceptable. Would you like information about recovery from alcoholism in A.A.? We welcome your questions, comments and requests.

Don’t Drink and Dye Eggs. Remember: Some Bunny Loves You.

*Name of chairperson:

**Topic: ?

  • &** Is in the body of every AA Meeting Message posted (See below).

Just below The Responsibility Declaration.

Example Sample . . .

Our meetings close with members joining in a moment of silence followed by reciting the Responsibility Declaration.

“I am responsible . . .

When Anyone, Anywhere Reaches Out for Help,

I Want the Hand of A.A. Always To Be There.

And for That, I Am Responsible.” – Reprinted from The A.A. Group Pamphlet, page 52, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

Name of chairperson:

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