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The only requirement for membership in Alcoholics Anonymous  is a desire to stop drinking.
OPEN Labor Day, Monday, September 2, 2019

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A.A. anouncements - Face to Face: Northern Illinois State AA Conference Aug 9-11 2019, PDF verion.

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newsletters - About A.A., Fall 2018, PDF version - A.A. and the Older Alcoholic. - A Newsletter for Professionals.
About A.A. is the newsletter from the General Service Office of the U.S. and Canada for professionals of all types who deal with alcoholics, including professionals in the fields of healthcare, law, corrections and clergy.  This newsletter may be duplicated for distribution without obtaining permission from A.A. World Services, Inc. A.A. has had a close relationship with the armed services almost since the Fellowship’s inception in 1935, and this issue focuses on what some professionals have called "a major public health crisis within the ranks of the armed forces," highlighting our common goal with military professionals who work with alcoholic active duty personnel and veterans: to help the alcoholic stop drinking and lead a healthy, productive life.

box 459 newsletter Summer 2019, PDF version - Love and Tolerance Is Our Code

Preparations are underway to celebrate A.A.’s 85th Birthday in Detroit, Michigan, July 2-5, 2020. An introduction to the Convention – and to Detroit – appears in this issue, along with information on A.A.’s Regional Forums. Also, learn more about the 69th A.A. General Service Conference and its latest meeting held at the end of May.

News and Notes from G.S.O. is a quarterly bulletin from the U.S./Canada General Service Office. This newsletter includes information about A.A. service, literature, events, sharing from groups, service committees and individual U.S./Canada A.A. members.
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